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Plasma 2.0 Alpha 2 Released

The Plasma 2.0 Apha 2 Programming Environment has been released. From Dave Schmenk : “Let’s start 2023 off with some critical bug fixes.” 1. Improved entry/exit for 128K Apple IIe //c 2. Improved entry for Apple /// 3. Improved entry and function calls for 16 bit VM 4. Apple3 ReadyToRun compatible images PLASMA is a […]

ORCA/C 2.2.0 B6 Released

The latest update for the ORCA/C Compiler for the Apple IIgs package from Byteworks Inc. has been released. This release includes a bevy of enhancements and bug fixes including: Support for new language features from C99 and C11: Compound literals Hexadecimal floating-point constants Unicode strings and characters in code Type qualifiers or static in the declarations of […]

The Best of ASCII Art

If you are an old school ASCII art fan like we are, then you will like the website The website, created by one Adel Faure, features a slew of ASCII art , tools and games from over the past several years and even goes so far as to use ASCII Art for their menu […]

DOLORES Library Updated

Marc Golembeck has announced the latest version of the DOLORES programming library for AppleSoft. DOLORES is a library of Applesoft based double low resolution graphics mode ampersand routines. Version 12.2 of the DOLORES library includes a host of new features including: &STORE NUM,WIDTH,HEIGHT,MASKCOLOR: push sprite NUM (1..16) to language card buffer. Sprite DATA has to be stored (POKEd) […]

PunyInform 3.3 Released

The latest version of the PinyInform Library has been released. Punyform 3.3 includes host of changes and bug fixes including the following items: Changes in functionality: Implemented ChooseObjects entry point routine. Added a ‘score’ verb for games with no score, which just prints a message saying there is no score in this game. Added an […]

8-Bit Unity SDK Version 0.5

Release 0.5 of the 8bit-Unity SDK is ALMOST ready!!! This version includes support for the NES/Famicom and Atari 400/800 (48K of RAM). As always, the API and Asset packager are compatible with all systems, making multi-platform 8bit game development a breeze!For now, I have uploaded the Tech-Demo disc which show the various features available in […]

8-Bit Unity Version 0.4.0 Released

Anthony Beaucamp has just released his latest rendition of 8-Bit Unity game SDK. His Beta of the 8-Bit Unity SDK, version 0.4.0 includes a host of updates and changes. Anthony has posted the following in regard to the new graphics engine for 8-Bit Computers: After 6 months of hard work, I finally pulled the plug […]

The Usborne 1980’s Computer Books

Many kids in the 1980’s began programming computers using the USBORNE computer books, which were very colorful, step by step books that were appropriate for any age in reality. These books took you through the stages of creating programs from the idea creation, the design, the programming, modifications, and quite literally, all the way to […]

BASIC10Liners 10th Edition Beginning Soon

The BASIC10Liners organizer extraordinaire, Gunner Kanold, has announced that his organization is preparing for the 2021 rendition of the BASIC10Liners contest. We are preparing for the 10th edition of #Basic10liner . @Indie_RetroNEWS @VintageNewOld @ArnaudDeKlerk @callapple @CPCGAMINGDEMOS @CommodoreBlog @AtariPodcast @IEEESpectrum @digitaltalk64 @Logiker464 — BASIC10Liners (@Basic10L) January 26, 2021 The BASIC10Liners contest is held each year […]