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PLASMA 2.0 Developer Release 4 Available

David Schmenk has released another update to the PLASMA 2.0 Development Platform for the Apple II. PLASMA Version 2.0 Developer Release 4 includes several fixes and changes including: Improved editor auto-indenting Compiler fix for terneray operator precedence Machine check for HGR library About PLASMAPLASMA is a medium level programming language targeting the 8-bit 6502 processor. […]


This is a command coming from the *NIX world I found to be useful for maintaining a backup for important software. It works either on a single computer or with two computers. The details can be found in the man page for the command. I’d like to thank Mike Doob from the MUUG for reminding […]

How to automatically mount an NFS drive (UNIX network) on OS X

This article is a variation/enhancement to a post I found at for a FreeNAS server. Of course purely Mac folks would likely want to stick with the AFP protocol. In terms of generalities the NFS server does not necessarily have to be running FreeNAS. It just has to work. FreeNAS is basically a “Swiss […]

Macports: Running Linux/BSD software directly on a Mac

I can hear “Mac purists” complaining about “polluting their computer with foreign software”. Sorry to dissapoint, but no computer, Mac or otherwise, is the be-all and end-all of computers. There are some things which work better on other platforms and conversely there are some things which work better on a Mac. The objective here is […]