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DOLORES Library Updated

Marc Golembeck has announced the latest version of the DOLORES programming library for AppleSoft. DOLORES is a library of Applesoft based double low resolution graphics mode ampersand routines. Version 12.2 of the DOLORES library includes a host of new features including: &STORE NUM,WIDTH,HEIGHT,MASKCOLOR: push sprite NUM (1..16) to language card buffer. Sprite DATA has to be stored (POKEd) […]

PunyInform 3.3 Released

The latest version of the PinyInform Library has been released. Punyform 3.3 includes host of changes and bug fixes including the following items: Changes in functionality: Implemented ChooseObjects entry point routine. Added a ‘score’ verb for games with no score, which just prints a message saying there is no score in this game. Added an […]