Category: Bug Fixes

Apple Tries to Shut Down Dr. Web’s Server

Apple has had a knee-jerk reaction to the discovery of the Flashback Trojan that has infected up to 600,000 Macs globally.  Dr. Web, a small Russian anti-virus company, first discovered the Flashback Trojan and has been monitoring infections on a global basis.  Now Apple has sent a Shutdown notice trying to shutdown the company’s server, […]

Mozilla Releases Critical Update to Firefox Browser Version 10.0.1

Mozilla has released an update to the Firefox Browser that they have classified as a critical update.  The update, Version 10.0.1, fixes a security flaw in version 10.0 as well as a Java freezing problem that was in previous versions of the browser. New items in the update include Most add-ons are now compatible with […]

Applesoft I Patches

The May 1978 Contact! newsletter from Apple Computer, Inc. contained a number of required patches to repair bugs in Applesoft I.   Array Indexing Problem Fix POKE 6331,32:POKE 6332, 168: POKE 6333, 41: POKE 6334, 234: POKE 10646,133:POKE 10647, 177: POKE 10648,161:POKE 10649,5: POKE 19650,165:POKE 10651,132:POKE 10652, 96   Long line Fix POKE 3050,234:POKE 3054,136:POKE […]