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VT100 Emulation for the Apple IIgs

itty-bitty-vtty is a vt100 emulator for the Apple IIgs developed by Kelvin Sherlock which provides an operating system free, accurate vt100 emulation. itty-bitty-vtty uses the modem port at 9600 baud and the standard 8-N-1 transfer settings, which is also the MAME Emulator defaults for those who wish to use it in coordination with the MAME […]

Karelia Releases Sandvox 2.6.3

Karelia Software has released an update to their web production software, Sandvox.  The new version focuses on the conversion of high resolution graphics and photos from newer cameras.  Sandvox will now take the photos,  generating the thumbnails quicker.  Version 2.6.3  also includes a host of fixes and updates including: Publishing Adjusts to MobileMe having closed […]