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DMS Drummer: Percussion Sequencer for the Apple II Released

Michael Mahon and Seth Sternberger have released a new percussion sequencer software package for the Apple ][.  They posted the following release information about the software package on CSA2: With inspiration and musical mentoring provided by Seth Sternberger of _8-Bit Weapon_, I’ve impemented a percussion sequencer/synthesizer for the Apple II. It allows a user to […]

Digisoft Innovations Releases Apple IIgs Music Collection

DigiSoft Innovations Releases Apple IIgs Music Collection By A.P.P.L.E. Staff The Apple IIgs Music collection is now available for download from the DigiSoft Innovations website.  Version 1.0 of the collection covers 5 disks of music from various applications of the early 1990’s.    The current version of the music collection is recorded at 96K and is […]