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WikiLeaks Recovers from Massive DDoS Attack

The infamous “top-secret” document-leaking web site WikiLeaks recovered just Monday from what appeared to be a massive, week-long DDoS attack from thousands of distinct IP addresses. The group took assistance from security and performance firm Cloudfare in order to handle the extra capacity needed to withstand the attack– over 10 gigabits per second. A posting […]

Google Chrome Browser Now Available for iPhone and iPad

Google, Inc announced today that it has developed an iPhone and iPad compatible version of its popular Chrome web browser. The browser, which is available now in the App Store, offers many of the same features from the desktop version of Chrome, including synchronization across devices of bookmarks and tabs, as well as private “incognito” […]

SATA tip:

Regular readers will know I’m into DIY and fixing things. Lately my Linux PC has been having some hardware problems (which is why people haven’t been seeing a lot of regular posts from me lately). It’s been going on for some time in fact. I’ve checked out a lot of potential hardware issues and ended […]

E-book reader and translator

I’ve discovered something surprising. There are many E-book readers for the Mac and only one for Linux. This is a shocker. Ideally, with a few changes, those Mac readers should function under Linux. I mention this because I like how some of the ones for the Mac work. The reader for Linux is so-so. Since […]

Apple iBooks Author has 2GB Limit

A quick read of all of the supporting documentation for the iBooks Author program show that there are some limitations to the program.  Apple shows the limit at 2GB and actually recommends only 1GB in order to make it easily accessible to the users.  While this is not all that unusual for Apple to recommend […]