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SDL/MAME Updated to version 0.144u5

A new experimental release of the SDL/Mame emulator for Mac OS X has been released. The latest version includes a number of improvements to the MAME engine. The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator with Simple DirectMedia Layer has been part of the MAME project since version 0.137 and is now available on a number of platforms […]

VNC Quick start

Frequent readers of this web page will realise I like to learn how to do things (this is the reason for the long gaps between my posts). I hope readers find this information to be useful… After seeing a member of another club demo it on a smart phone for me, I decided to give […]

Mouse Locator

Yesterday I saw a demo of a program called “Mouse Locator”.  Surprisingly enough it lives up to its name. That’s always a big plus as far as I am concerned. This small utility puts a larger graphic around the mouse when it is moved. There are a number of preferences available. The first is the […]