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COMPUTER COMPONENTS – formerly known as COMPUTER PLAYGROUND offers some large storage for Apple users in the form of PERSCI floppy drives.  This is the first in a series of articles about the “large” floppies available for the Apple ][

The drive is the PerSci Model 277 dual diskette drive.  this means it has two eight inch floppy disk surfaces with approximately 256,000 bytes for storage.  Half a million bytes of disc storage per drive!  optionally selectable is the dual density format which would make each of the surfaces capable of storing one million bytes of data in one drive online and available for your program.  Each model 277 weighs 20 pounds and requires + and – 5 volts and +24 volts.

Computer Components have developed the necessary electronics to convert the system to Apple ][ and give the programmer an operating system that is not too much more complex than Applesoft.  The current price is $2800, but this could change by + or – $200, depending on the development costs and demand.  It is this writer’s opinion that the cost will be dropping since Computer Components is one of the first on the market with a needed product and the additional competition will surely let them reduce costs on their proven product, while competitors are still debugging.

*Next issue: Interface Routine.

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