espple – Apple 1 Emulator Now Supports NTSC Output

espple is a new Apple-1 Emulator which runs on the ESP8266 NodeMCU LUA CP2102 ESP-12E Wi-Fi module from HiLetgo.  The creation of Hrvoje Cavrak, espple is perhaps the cheapest physical hardware which emulates the Apple-1 computer to date and the only one to run completely wirelessly.

The chip which costs less than 10$ per unit can be used to transmit the display signal via a short length of wire as a 60MHz  signal to either a PAL or NTSC analog television on channel 4.  The emulator software includes an FTP client which allows wireless loading of software onto the chip once it is loaded up.

Features of the espple Apple-1 Emulator include:

  • MOS 6502 CPU emulated at native speed (1 MHz)
  • 20 kB RAM
  • PAL and NTSC TV signal output
  • Original Signetics 2513 ROM characters
  • Telnet used for keyboard input
  • Built-in TFTP server for uploading software
  • Everything is wireless

The espple Apple-1 Emulator software is available for free from Github at:

The Spec sheet for the ESP-12E is below

source: Hack-a-day
Thanks to: Atsuhiro Suzuki

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