Mini vMac Version 3.6 Alpha Source Code is now available from the Gryphel Project

The source code for Mini vMac emulator version 3.6 Alpha is available for download from the Gryphel project website.  This version is only an alpha and is not yet an official release but is available for those who want to build it and test out new features and bug fixes in the app.

Mini vMac emulates a Mac Plus on multiple platforms and can run up to Mac OS 7.5.5 and runs on Mac OS X.  The Gryphel project, run by Paul Pratt, also now has a variations service which will compile the latest version of Mini vMac for your machine.

For more information about the Gryphel Project, check out their website at:

To download the source code for 3.6 alpha go to:

To download the latest version of vMac 3.5.8, go to:

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