New version of KEGS Apple IIgs Emulator Available

Kent Dickey, the author of KEGS, the popular Apple IIgs emulator, has announced the release of the latest version, KEGS v1.20. The new version comes with significant upgrades and fixes, making it more reliable and efficient.

The new KEGS v1.20 comes with several changes and improvements, including the addition of Ctrl-F9 as Copy. With this update, the text screen can be easily copied to your host system clipboard. On a Mac, users can select Edit->Copy Text Screen to use this feature.

In addition to this, KEGS v1.20 fixes Mockingboard emulation to pass mb-audit.1.3. This issue in the previous version was related to reset. KEGS v1.20 also fixes VOC support for an unreleased “Fat Screen” VOC SHR. The main-memory transfer now works as expected.

KEGS is a popular emulator among Apple IIgs enthusiasts and has been around for many years. With the latest version, KEGS v1.20, users can expect an even better experience with the emulator.

To learn more about KEGS or download the new version, visit the KEGS website at

About KEGS

KEGS is an Apple IIgs emulator for macOS, Linux and Unix/X11 systems. The emulator is designed to run Apple IIgs software on modern hardware, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the classic games and applications from the past. Kent Dickey is the primary developer on the project. The emulator is a free download and is open-source.

System ROMs

Users will need to provide their own Apple IIgs ROM for the emulator as well as the software for the emulator. No ROMs or floppy disk images are provided as part of the emulation package.

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