Virtual II Apple II Emulator 10.0 Released

Virtual Apple II Emulator for the Mac has been updated. Gerard Putter has announced that this version 10.0 of Virtual II includes some of the most requested features that people have been asking for as well the following:

  • Virtual machine snapshots can now be saved and restored at any time, without the need to close the virtual machine. This feature is available in the full-licensed version only.
  • Improved woz disk reading. Some diskette images could not be opened, but now work fine.
  • A virtual machine running at maximum speed could negatively affect the responsiveness of the user interface. This issue was most visible in macOS 10.15 (Catalina). This has been fixed by distributing the available CPU power in a better way.
  • Reorganized the Scripts menu: it now makes a distinction between example scripts and user scripts. It also updates correctly if scripts are added or removed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the RAM card to become unintentionally write-enabled.
  • Diskette images modified by the Apple II software used to be saved every 30 seconds. Due to the introduction of the snapshot feature this is no longer the case. The diskette contents are part of each snapshot. Writing the contents to the diskette image file only occurs when a disk is ejected, when the virtual machine is closed, or when a snapshot containing the disk is openend.
  • Removed the “Save Configuration” menu. A configuration can now only be saved with “Save Configuration As…”.
  • Did extensive cleanup of the source code. Replaced all deprecated macOS API, and converted to Swift 5. All this makes the application ready for future macOS developments.

Note: In order to run this latest version of the Virtual II emulator , you will need macOS 10.14 (“Mojave”) or better.

Virtual II Emulator is available from the Virtual II Website at:

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