Virtual II Bug Fix Release

For users of the Virtual II emulator, a new update has been released that resolves an issue with the Apple //c emulated mouse, which could cause it to cease functioning properly. The issue, which first appeared and affected the perviously released version of the program, version 11.3, is resolved by this update.

The Virtual II emulator, developed by Gerard Putter, is a Shareware Apple II emulator designed for Mac OS-based systems. It is a popular tool for hobbyists, retro computing enthusiasts, and educators who want to experience the nostalgia of the early days of computing or to develop modern day 8-Bit applications for the Apple II series computers.

The Virtual II emulator is widely used for its accuracy and ability to emulate the entire Apple II series, including the Apple II, Apple II+, Apple IIe, Apple IIc and Apple IIc+. It also includes a range of features, such as a built-in debugger, disk image creator, and MX-80 printer emulation.

Users of the Virtual II emulator can download the latest update for free from the Virtual II website. To download the latest update, users can visit the Virtual II website at The Virtual II emulator requires Mac OS 10.13 or later to run, and users should ensure that they have the minimum system requirements before downloading and installing the software. Older versions of the emulator which run on MAC OS versions prior to 10.13 are also available on the Virtual II website.

If you have not used the Virtual II emulator and are running Mac OS, be sure and check out the Virtual II website for a demo version of the program. The Virtual II emulator is the most popular Mac OS based Apple II emulator and is designed for those users who want to experience a realistic environment not unlike those of the early days of Apple computing. With the release of version 11.3.1, users can enjoy a more reliable and stable experience. The latest update is easy to download and install, and users are encouraged to keep their software up-to-date to ensure the best possible experience.

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