Ryan’s Apple Software

This page exists to provide a location of permanent preservation for Ryan Suenaga’s Apple II programs due to the original preservation website going offline late 2018.

Ryan was an active member of the Apple II community and Kansasfest regular as well as a social worker in Honolulu, an outspoken advocate for diabetes awareness and an active athlete in the local area on Oahu. He sadly passed away at age 44 after falling from the Olomana Trail on 25 April 2011.

If you use any of these programs, find them useful to your hobby life, or just feel so inclined, we recommend giving to the Ryan Suenaga Scholarship Fund.

You can download a .zip archive containing most of his software here:

.zip file (150K)

The archive contains the following titles:

ClickIP: an extension for Sheppy’s SideClick contextual menu manager for the Apple IIgs. It reports the IP address assigned to your Apple IIgs in a contextual menu.

DictioNDA: a dict client for the Apple IIgs.

MailCheckerNDA: a biff client for the Apple IIgs.

MyIP NDA: displays your IP address (like ClickIP, but in a NDA).

SMS NDA: sends SMS text messages to mobile phones via the Internet.

TheirIP NDA: looks up an IP address for a given domain name.

Bitly: an URL shortener in a Classic Desk Accessory, the winning entry at KansasFest 2008’s HackFest.

IIter: an Apple IIgs Twitter client in a New Desk Accessory.

Ryan’s only public domain release, Stock Quote CDA, a stock price checker in a Classic Desk Accessory includes source and compilation instructions.

Please note that this archive is missing Ryan’s FishNDA which is, in Ryan’s words, “the stupidest program in the history of computing, written after a discussion about whether or not actor Abe Vigoda, who played Fish on Barney Miller, was still alive.” Unfortunately, as of today, Mr. Vigoda is no longer among the living, but you can check to see if that changes any time!

If you have a copy of FishNDA, please let us know so we can complete the archive. Thanks!