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Screenshot of the Applesauce 1.1 software Diagnostic tools page

John Morris just announced that the new Applesauce 1.1 software will have a further enhanced disk drive analysis allowing users to not only see the rotation speed but also factors such as:

  • Power Levels
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Head Tracking
  • Sync Sensor status
  • The Write Protect switch

As John says, it will make it much easier to select the best drive for performing disk imaging. These new diagnostic tools should also allow users to evaluate whether the drives need maintenance or if repairs to the drives have placed them within tolerances required by the Applesauce.

DB-19’s being added to the Applesauce boards

Also announced is the shipping of the upgrade boards for the first run Applesauce units. These new boards should resolve any stray voltages or anomalies seen with the first run units due to issues with the drives being attached to them.

John has also posted a video describing the process for updating the boards. This video is available through the Applesauce FDC website, Yahoo or you can watch it below:

For more information about Applesauce or to order your own unit, check out the Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller page at:

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