Booti Cards Available Once Again

David Mutimer has made his Booti Card for the Apple II available once again. According to his posting in the Apple II Enthusiasts group on Facebook, :

The pcb’s arrived today. Booti cards are now in stock again and ready to ship. The type A cards are functionally identical to the blue cards from the last batch, however the USB modules have different connections so the cards and modules are not interchangeable. So for those of you that already have the original blue cards be careful not to mix the modules up.

Facebook Posting by David Mutimer

To order the card, users will need to pay the same US$50 as before plus $5 postage and send a PM to David Mutimer to order. Payments are processed through

If you are in the US, you can also order them from Chris Torrence who is making a number of them available via

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