Ultimate Micro Releases the Universal PSU Kit and Upgrade

The Kit is the user installable version of the Universal PSU, and the Upgrade is the service UltimateMicro performs for the user.  We also have a KFEST deliverable option and special show price.  We’re still not sure about holding an informal session, possibly during SolderFest to assist in upgrades, but we’re working on those details and looks like it will happen.

The Universal PSU Kit is designed to be installed in your existing Apple II or /// Power Supply Enclosure and replace your old Power Supply PCB.  All connections can be made by the user and are safe, simple, and designed to last for the next decade and beyond of use.  The Kit is also uninstallable and the enclosure isn’t modified in any way.  So those concerned with collecting and authenticity of hardware need not worry.

Orders are planned to start shipping about July 15th or once we have received stock from the factory.

All details and pics are listed on the item’s page in the Store.  I’ll be posting a facebook announcement tomorrow for the above items being active in the Store.

Here are two videos showing the process for the IIe and IIgs Enclosures:

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