Video of VidHD HGR and DHGR Capabilities Released

John Brooks, the co-creator of the VidHD 1080p Card for the Apple II computer, has released a video of the capabilities of the card.   The VidHD card allows users to use modern HDMI monitors with their Apple II computers.

The Video demonstrates the high quality look of the video by using the following games via the NTSC mode of the VidHD card:
Airheart, Rescue Raiders, Captain Goognight, Drol, Hard Hat Mack, Mr. Do, The Bard’s Tale, Wizardry, Dazzle Draw DHGR slideshow, Cavern Creatures

For those who are interested in this card,

The waiting list for $129 VidHD card (coming October 2018) is now open. Send an email to to reserve a VidHD board.

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