Open Apple Gazette


Billed as the newsletter of The Original Apple ///rs, an Apple III User Group based in San Francisco, the bi-monthly Open Apple Gazette began its publishing run in 1982.  With the third edition, OAG combined with another newsletter, APPLE THREE and introduced a BBS for members called the APPLE /// NETWORK.

Beginning with the eighth edition (Oct./Nov. 1983), the newsletter masthead changed from “The Original Apple ///rs” to “Business Apple Group, Inc.” indicating that the user group may have merged with another around this time, or perhaps underwent a name change.

A total of nine issues of the newsletter were published, #1 through #9 and a 4-page promotional flyer at the time of the 3rd issue of the 2nd volume.  No further issues are known to have been published.

If you have any more information about the user group or this newsletter, or issues I don’t have that you’d be willing to let me borrow long enough to scan, drop me an email and I’ll update the information I have here.

Note: this page indicates that the user group was the Apple III SIG of the San Francisco Apple Core user group.