New iPhone Scheduled for Late 2012

According to the BGR website, there is a high probability that the latest version of the iPhone will be released in Late 2012.  While the iPhone 4S was released as just an update to the iPhone 4, many of the features that were instituted into the 4S are only available on the 4S.  However, some changes in design including the case are coming according to BGR.  “We have also learned that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the company’s bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case.”

Apple usually is really tight lipped and tight-fisted about their new products yet details of the next generation of their product is slipping out at a time when Apple has been lambasting the Internet for causing sales of their current products to slip due to rumors.   If the details in the BGR website prove to be true, this could be a departure from Apple’s total blackout on information and details prior to release of a product.

While the BGR site is speculating still about screen size being 4 inches, our focus is more on the realities.  Memory is an issue which we hope that Apple will resolve.  Many of us have our 64GB devices plum full and are looking for the next iPhone or iPad to have 256gb as a maximum size.

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