Murder Manor – The World’s First Double Lo-Res Adventure for the Apple II

The Crow Cousins (in this case, Daniel Henderson and Roby Sherman) have collaborated on the world’s first double lo-res whodunit adventure for the Apple II.

Set within the sprawling country estate of Screenhole Manor, seven miles north of nowhere, the game begins when another boring family, gathering, filled with the usual threats and melodrama one would expect, is interrupted by the savage MURDER of your uncle Hertzfeld!

Taking on the persona of inspector Pomme-Deux, you, the player, must use your amazing powers of reasoning and deduction to interview the suspects and search the manor for clues to solve the case and catch the murderer before they strike again.

But be careful! The closer you get to solving the murder, the more likely the killer is to strike again — and the next victim could be YOU!

Murder Manor is available as a free download from the Crow Cousins web site and will operate on real or emulated enhanced //e’s or higher with a minimum of 128K.

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