Orbitrack iOS Satellite Tracker

Southern Stars released what is likely the best iOS satellite tracker available – Orbitrack, a successor to their Satellite Safari.  It tracks thousands of orbiting satellites, including military satellites, and has detailed 3D models, facts, mission descriptions, and when satellites will be visible for one’s location.

Southern Stars has been innovating astronomy software for many many years.  I found it intriguing that one can see the perspective from the satellite’s view, complete with a 3D model, beyond seeing all of them orbiting together.  Speaking of view options, there’s also a ground view that shows your position and the satellite’s current position.  The date/time can be set to simulate and animate a view.  And for simplified searching, satellites are grouped by category such as:  Tonight’s Satellites, Newly Launched, Space Stations, Weather, GPS, etc.

From their site, “Orbitrack will tell you when spacecraft pass overhead, show you where to find them in the sky, let you track them around the planet – and give you the view from space as seen by the satellite!  It predicts Iridium flares, and displays amateur radio satellite frequencies.  A new voice-controlled Virtual Reality mode works with any smartphone VR viewer.”

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