Ultima IV Remastered Version 1.2.4

Ultima IV Remastered is a fan project with over 40 bug fixes and enhancements upon the original 1985 game by Lord British. Notable features include: trainer menu (optional cheat codes); gender-neutral character creation; faster dungeon exploration with a single-character mode; skull artifact supported in combat; Mockingboard support on Apple IIgs and //c models. The latest […]

New Release of Ample 0.236

Kelvin Sherlock has released a new release of the Ample MAME Interface version 0.236. The previously released version was having a problem with a missing file that was due to a build time problem. The issue has since been corrected and Ample 0.236-1 released. You can download Ample 0.236-1 and the source code for the […]

New Halloween Demo for the Apple II

Daniel Henderson has released a new Apple II Lo-Res demo just in time for Halloween 2021. The demo is a low resolution graphical rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and utilizes Bothe Double Lo-Res via Daniel’s Greasy Graphics as well as Mockingboard sound with Mockingboard conversion using Tom Porters’ Midi2Mock.. You can download the disk image […]

GS.Pacman Version 1.2 Released

The latest version of GS.Pacman has been released. Version 1.2 of GS.Pacman includes several game fixes as well as a new cheat mode with the 8 key on the keyboard. Peter Hirschberg has been quite busy with the updates but the game is coming along nicely. The changelog for version 1.2 shows the following changes: […]

GS Pacman Version 1.1 Released

A newer version of the Apple IIgs Pacman port by Peter Hirschberg is now available. GS.Pacman Version 1.1 has a change in the way that the Maze for the game is being allocated. Peter originally put the Maze buffer in high memory, however, this is no longer the case. GS.Pacman requires that you have more […]

Realm for the Apple II Updated

Daniel Gordon has released the latest rendition of his RPG game, Realm for the Apple II. Realm Version 1.4.0 includes the addition of weapons proficiencies by class, a foe status display, arrow selection, performance improvements, better input handlers and display formatting, and additional magic items and weapons. Realm works under both DOS 3.3 as well […]

KEGS version 1.13 Released

The latest version of Kent Dickey’s KEGS Apple IIgs Emulator is now available for download. KEGS Version 1.13 includes better support for Joysticks on the Macintosh computer. KEGS version 1.13 is available for download along with all sources and executables for Mac OS X, Linux and Unix/X11 at:http://kegs.sourceforge.net

Ultima IV Remastered 1.21

A couple of weeks back, I ran across a nifty little project that played right into my college years and the programs that made me crazy about the Apple II series computers. Ultima IV Remastered! Of course, I am sure there were some things at the time that drove people crazy about the game but […]

Webber Browser Updated

Ewen Wannop has released an updated version of the Webber Internet Browser for the Apple IIGS. Webber version 1.1 includes the following updates:  many bug fixes to improve stability, to both Webber and the HTML Tool added some new features to the HTML Tool as well now optionally supports the receiving and sending of Cookies.  […]