A2Kit V.2.0.6 Released

Daniel F. Gordon, author of “Realm – Rays of Nightmare” and a number of programming tools, has released the latest version of A2Kit, a command line interface and library for manipulating retro disk images, file systems, and languages, with an emphasis on Apple II. The new version, A2Kit v2.0.6, includes several updates and improvements. One […]

Steve Jobs Archive Launches ebook ‘Make Something Wonderful’

The Steve Jobs Archive has announced the release of a new book showcasing letters, photos, notes and other materials from the late tech icon’s life. The ePub format ebook, which hit the wires on April 11th, contains a timeline of speeches, interviews, and personal correspondences from Steve Jobs himself. Established by Laurene Powell Jobs, Jony […]

RetroMacCast 648 Released

In episode 648 of the popular podcast “RetroMacCast” (RMC), hosts James Savage and John Leake took a trip down memory lane as they discussed some fascinating finds on eBay, as well as revisiting a classic issue of MacAddict from April 2003. The duo started the episode by discussing some exciting discoveries on eBay, including a […]

RetroMacCast Episode 647 Released

In the latest episode of RetroMacCast, episode 647, hosts James Savage and John Leake dive into some exciting eBay finds, including an original LaserWriter, a lot of Macs, and even a rare Newton prototype. The duo also shares some interesting tidbits about Apple mice, with John learning something new. Aside from eBay finds, the show […]

ORCA / C 2.2.0 B7 Released

Stephen Heumann and Kelvin Sherlock have just released a new version of ORCA/C, the C compiler for the Apple IIGS, which includes several new language and library features. ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7 is now available for download on GitHub. ORCA/C was originally written for the Apple IIgs by Mike Westerfield of Byteworks, Inc.. He has released […]

Ample 0.253 Released

The latest release of the Ample MAC OS based front end for the MAME emulator has been announced. Version 0.253 brings the interface in line with the latest version of MAME and Includes experimental Uthernet II / WIZnet W5100 emulation. Marinetti, IP65, and A2osX have been tested and should work. Ample is an Apple II series / […]

Virtual II Bug Fix Release

For users of the Virtual II emulator, a new update has been released that resolves an issue with the Apple //c emulated mouse, which could cause it to cease functioning properly. The issue, which first appeared and affected the perviously released version of the program, version 11.3, is resolved by this update. The Virtual II […]