Penguin Software / Polarware – Unpublished Archives

At KansasFest in 2019, Mark Pelczarski (Penguin Software president) gave Brian Wiser a few boxes of disks for which he no longer had the equipment to read, but said that according to the labels, “There might be some interesting stuff on these,” wondering if the disks were still even readable and if anything could be extracted.  

There was indeed “interesting stuff” on the disks that Brian preserved for the first time. The ProDOS Graphics Magician and Comprehend adventure development releases are being coordinated with Mark Pelczarski, and will be released soon under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA license. And there are many other nifty surprises coming! Thank you Mark! 🙂 Click on the pictures below to read about each program, and the disks to download the software.



Development System
Graphics Magician
Painter v2.02
Double Hi-Res & ProDOS