DOLORES Library Version 11 Released

After a lot of bug fixing the new V11 of the DOLORES library is released into the wild tonight. Included are new features and an improved memory layout as well as faster operation.

The library resides now higher in RAM (from $8000 on( resulting in 8kB more free space for AppleSoft. The memory area at $0300 has been cleaned up and is now free for own small machine language programs.

Please refer to the following website for a full technical description:

A DSK-image can be found here:


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Marc-Andre Golombeck

Dr. Marc A. Golombeck is a physician and a physicist working in the field of cancer therapy and radiooncology. He is also an Apple ][ enthusiast since the age of five when he was first introduced to the fascinating world of Apple ][ computing. Today his main interests are focused on programming 6502/65C02-assembler for the Apple //e platform.