Double LORES Library V10c available

new version of the Double LORES library containing a lot of optimisations and bugfixes is available for download (thx to Roby Sherman for his valuable input / sorry no new features this time!)Download a DSK-image from my website:

Solved issues:

  • Mixed mode support bugfixes – PRINT and INPUT statements work as expected
  • DOS disconnection – when issuing a &GR command, DOS got disconnected so no DOS operations where possible during a running AppleSoft program
  • Fill modes and circle drawing algorithms now accept mixed mode screen limits for Y – bottom lines are not accessed any more in mixed mode
  • and a lot of minor bugfixes
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About the Author

Marc-Andre Golombeck

Dr. Marc A. Golombeck is a physician and a physicist working in the field of cancer therapy and radiooncology. He is also an Apple ][ enthusiast since the age of five when he was first introduced to the fascinating world of Apple ][ computing. Today his main interests are focused on programming 6502/65C02-assembler for the Apple //e platform.