TimeOut Edit BASIC 5.4 Released

A demo of the TimeOut Edit BASIC plugin at work. Photo: Hugh Hood

Hugh Hood, Longtime Apple II fan and programmer has announced a new TimeOut series product, TimeOut Edit BASIC 5.4 for Appleworks 5.1 Users

TimeOut series products have long been the defacto go-to products for users of Appleworks with its series of timely and useful plugin utilities, designed to make the Appleworks a more complete package. While most users have long given up Appleworks as their production package, the programming arena is one area of usage not really foreseen as one that could be improved upon by using Appleworks.

What is It?
TimeOut Edit BASIC is a 21st century addition to the family of TimeOut Applications for use with AppleWorks 5.1 on the Apple II series of computers.

Quite simply put, the purpose of TimeOut Edit BASIC is to allow users to load, view and edit Applesoft BASIC programs directly from within AppleWorks 5.1. Configuration options include displaying control characters in inverse and indenting long lines.

Unlike other methods of editing BASIC programs in a text editor, TimeOut Edit BASIC does NOT require that a user first convert a BASIC program to
a text file before loading it into AppleWorks for viewing or editing

According to the press release posted on CSA2

Hugh Hood has long been a supporter of the Appleworks related community projects including the NAUG forums reproductions and other efforts.

You can download the plugin and it’s accompanying Merlin source code from the website. Additional in information about the usage of the TimeOut Edit BASIC for Appleworks 5.1 package is also available from the website at:

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