Apple-1 System Software
Application Version Date Size Status Home Page
3.5 November 14, 2005 27kb Public Domain
A full forth System based on the Forth 83 standard. Available for multiple platforms and now new for Apple 1 / Replica 1.
Enhanced BASIC
Text 2005/4/8 31kb Freeware Not Available
A version of BASIC for the Apple-1 and other 6502 based machines which extends the things you can do with you Apple-1 or Replica-1 computer
Fig Forth 1.10
Text 2005/4/8 20kb Freeware Not Available
Version 1.10 of the ever popular FIG Forth programming environment
Apple-1 Monitor
Text 2005/10/24 4kb Freeware Not Available
The original monitor for the Apple-1 computer. Written by the WOZ
Fig Forth Complete
Zip 2005/10/24 124kb Freeware Not Available
This is the complete zip file with the Fig Forth language system.
Replica-1 Firmware
Zip 2005/10/24 20kb Freeware Not Available
This is the latest version of the Replica-1 Firmware from the Replica-1 website.
Apple-1 Disassembler
Text January 4, 2006 2kb Freeware
The Disassembler is for both the Apple-1 and the Replica-1 and was originally developed by Steve Wozniak. Usage: Download the file into your apple1/replica1. Change memory locations $44 and $45 to your starting memory address:. Enter the program by typing in F0R and press RETURN or Enter

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