Angry Birds Floppy – PreOrder Now!

As game development has almost reached a release candidate status for the Double Lores game port Angry Birds a list for pre-ordering the game has been opened. 

If you are interested in receiving a physical copy of the game (5,25″ floppy disk with quickstart guide) please send an email to

This is not the final order! There will be the setup a list of all those interested in the order of incoming emails. There is no monetary risk to be on the list! As soon as the first production batch of the disks has been done the persons on the list will be informed with payment details. When the payment has been received the disk will be sent to the recipient. Depending on the demand according to the pre-order list the production run will be scaled up. 

Price will be around 20€ including the disk, sleeve, labels, quick start guide, packaging, postage and handling. The final price will be announced with the payment details as soon as postage options have been figured out for sending the disk from Germany. Customs fees / import taxes may apply and must be covered by the recipient.

The game itself is free of charge and can be downloaded for free after the release from the web. The required compensation is for the above mentioned material and fees. 

Interested? Send an email to mail address given above!

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