Apple II Desktop 1.2 alpha 43 Released

Joshua Bell has released the latest build of the Apple II Desktop graphical interface application. Apple II Desktop 1.2 alpha 43 includes the following changes:


  • New folder structure. App modules are in MODULES/, configuration files in LOCAL/, optional components now in EXTRAS/.
  • IIgs: Enable monochrome composite display
  • Menu bar clock is right-aligned.
  • Text input fields:
    • Mouse cursor obscured when typing.
    • Appearance and movement of insertion point is improved.
    • Control+X (or Clear key on IIgs) clears text.
  • File pickers:
    • Ignore non-pathname characters typed in pathname fields.
    • Ignore control characters typed in fields.
    • Performance of scrolling improved.
    • Correct issues with path updates when changing selection.


  • Fix selection order with left/up arrow keys.
  • Fix hang when desktop icons are removed by Check Drive / Format / Erase.
  • Improved appearance of File > Get Info and Special > Get Size dialogs.
  • Fix regression causing Special > Get Size to report 0K for files.
  • Mark volume/folder icons as open when windows are restored or launched via path.
  • Open-Apple+Solid-Apple+Down opens selection and closes current window. #660
  • Open-Apple+Solid-Apple+Up opens parent window (or selects volume icon) and closes current window. #661
  • Improved mouse responsiveness when no dialog is showing.
  • Add icon for ShrinkIt and Binary II archives, based on file types and filename extensions.
  • Support expanding ShrinkIt archives using AUTO UnShrinkIt by Andrew E. Nicholas.
  • Fix shortcuts set to copy to RAMCard on first use.
  • Add ` as an alias for Tab for selecting the next icon alphabetically, and ~ (Shift+`) for reverse. #671
  • Fix clearing DHR screen to black before showing. Again.
  • Fix erasing long pathnames during multi-file operations.


  • Don’t hide SELECTOR file; just don’t run it by default.
  • Improve progress dialog appearance when copying to RAMCard.
  • Show startup volume first in the file picker. #663
  • Fix clearing DHR screen to black before showing. Again.

Disk Copy

  • Support up to 13 devices
  • Improve alert dialog appearance.
  • Disk Copy moved to a separate file that can be optionally removed. #216
  • Support drives in Slot 3 Drive 1, if present.

Desk Accessories

  • Date and Time: Respects 12/24-hour setting. #596
  • Date and Time: Month length enforced appropriately.
  • 12/24-hour clock setting moved from Control Panel to Date and Time.
  • Sort Directory: Increase buffer size to 10k to handle any supported directory size. (Note that DeskTop is still limited to 127 icons total. #86)
  • This Apple: Detect Uthernet II card in slot 3, and avoid resetting state if active.
  • Matrix: Exit on mouse click. #618
  • Electric Duet: Add alternate playback code, activated by holding Open-Apple or Solid-Apple when launching.
  • New DA: Scientific Calculator. #211
  • New DA: Sounds control panel, for setting the alert sound. #283

Also Changed in this version

The location of configuration files has changed in this version. They are now in the LOCAL/ subdirectory. You can move your existing DESKTOP.CONFIG and SELECTOR.LIST file into that folder to preserve previous settings.


You can download the latest version of the Apple II Desktop application from the Github page at:

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