Identify II 2.10 Released

8-Bit Shack has announce the immediate availability of the Identify ][ system analysis tool. Identify ][ is a simple tool that lets you scan and analyze any of the computers of the Apple II family in less than 20 seconds and gain some insight in installed features. Emulators are supported as well.

Thx to Daniel Henderson’s and Joel McWilliam’s comprehensive beta testing we are able to release the latest version V.2.10 of Identify ][ into the wild.

What’s new?

  • V.2.10: New hardware and features
    • Detection of empty slots versus unidentified cards (empty slots in previous versions were displayed as not identified)
    • Separate detection of SLOT AUX versus SLOT 3 on Apple //e or better. Normally SLOT AUX is populated with an 80-column card and hence SLOT 3 ROM space is double assigned – possibly to another card like e.g. a clock card. This version detects if there is an additional card in SLOT 3 besides an 80-column card in SLOT AUX.
    • New tiny tool SLOTSUCKER which reads the ROM space of a card and saves it to a file on disk. Great tool for retrieving ROM information of cards that are not yet identified by ID2! Suck the ROM information to a file on disk and send it to me, so that I can analyze the ROM data and add your card to the next version of ID2! Just type “RUN SLOTSUCKER” from the command line!
    • New hardware:
      • Apple2-IO-RPi Card
      • BOOTi Card
      • RamFactor Card
  • New hardware added (V.2.03):  RamExpress for Apple IIc, Videx 80 column-card
  • BugFix (V.2.02): The Saturn Card detection code lead to an unwanted “flying” disk write on Disk II controllers and connected drives to it. Hence booting the tool from floppy disk lead to a destruction of a disk track and leaving the disk partially unreadable and destroying the program on disk. Other drive types, floppy emulators or emulators itself were not affected only Disk II controller. This bug has been fixed now in V.2.02. Detects now a VidHD-card.


V.2.10: Download a DSK-image (DOS 3.3) or this DSK-image (ProDOS) of the new Identify ][ automatic hardware detection tool for the Apple ][ family of computers.

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About the Author

Marc-Andre Golombeck

Dr. Marc A. Golombeck is a physician and a physicist working in the field of cancer therapy and radiooncology. He is also an Apple ][ enthusiast since the age of five when he was first introduced to the fascinating world of Apple ][ computing. Today his main interests are focused on programming 6502/65C02-assembler for the Apple //e platform.