NeoFinder 7 Disk Cataloger Released

NeoFinder, the popular digital asset cataloging and management tool, has been updated to version 7.  NeoFinder is quit simply the best such tool that I’ve ever used.  It makes it very easy to create a simple catalog of drives and disks, and can store complex metadata about documents, photos, songs, and movies along with optional checksums to verify integrity.

The program has been updated and enhanced for over 10 years, and the latest version has a number of new features:

– Audio preview thumbnails for songs
– Ratings for photo, video, and prepress files
– Groups for Smart Folders and Albums
– Compare pictures or different versions of the same image
– Geotags:  get place name information for items and optionally write this into the image
– New extended database file format that can handle much more than 4 GB of data per cataloged volume
– Adobe XMP (IPTC) metadata editing, including keywords from a controlled vocabulary, and ratings

The developer Norbert M. Doerner is extremely responsive to suggestions and input, and is constantly innovating – pushing his software in new directions, such as being the first cataloging program to support audio preview thumbnails.  There is also an iOS version available.  NeoFinder has my highest recommendation.

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