GS OS 6.0.2


This page contains the system software specifically for the Apple IIGS. This version was updated by a number of members of the Apple II computing community and is freely offered here.

What’s new for Apple IIGS System 6.0.2
After 22 years, 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours since System 6.0.1 was released, this is a summary of the visible changes. There have been many bugs fixed and many features added that are not immediately visible–they will enable developers to create better future products. Be sure to also read the Shortcuts file on the SystemTools3 disk for more information.

Finder (see also Finder Help)
The list is FSTs now includes the RDOS 3.3 name.
You can navigate through the folders hierarchy with ‘Command-Up Arrow’.

The Ethertalk driver is now included. This is the driver for the unreleased Ethernet for Appletalk card.

File System Translators (FSTs)
The HFS.FST bug is removed. Your HFS disks are now safe!
Some bugs from the PASCAL.FST were removed.
The DOS33.FST has been corrected.

The Animation tool (tool037) is now included. It allows fast animation on the Apple IIGS.
The TextEdit bug when more than 1024 styles were used is fixed.
The Font Manager bug is now squashed.
Some bugs in the Window Manager were removed.
QuickerGraph that accelerates some drawing routines is now included. This program is unfinished and your system may become unstable if you install it.

What’s Next?
This is a proof-of-concept update. Updating the System Software can be done! There are other bugs in the System, which will be updated and fixed in forthcoming releases.

2mg Disk Images: System 6.0.2 2mg

PO Disk Images : System 6.0.2 PO

Other Updates

GS/OS Boot block+loader for HFS :