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6502bench SourceGen Disassembler Updated

6502bench SourceGen v1.5 is now available.  Key changes since v1.4: – NOTE: extension script interfaces have changed. Pre-v1.5 plugins will not work with this release.– Added visualization generation interface for converting embedded data to images.  – Added extension scripts for C64 sprites, Atari 2600 graphics, and Apple II hi-res bitmaps, fonts, and shape tables.  – […]

PLASMA for the Apple II Updated

The PLASMA (PLASMA: Proto Language AsSeMbler for Apple)programming language, developed and curated by  David Schmenk has gotten an overhaul and update. For those who have never used PLASMA, ” PLASMA is a medium level programming language targeting the 8-bit 6502 processor. Historically, there were simple languages developed in the early years of computers that improved […]

Programmer’s Corner

Loading and Saving Graphics Screens on the Apple II Series Part 2 While last months article covered some nifty graphics manipulation techniques, I missed making a few points about some extremely important items which must be made in order to make our program work well. Every Apple II has some calls built in the rom […]

SANE Programming on the Apple II

Product: Standard Apple Numerics Environment (SANE) Use: Numeric Calculation For: Apple II, III, Pascal Company:Apple Computer Inc. Includes: Documentation and disk Availability: Apple Computer Dealers Price: $35 By J.B. KoonsCall-A.P.P.L.E. Magazine July 1985 PP19-20 MORE and more often now we hear that the day of the lowly 8 bit microprocessor, such as the 6502 that […]