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Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator for Windows has been updated. Changes to version 1.29.11 of the Applewin emulator include the following: [Bug #771] Added new command line switch to load custom ROM: -rom . Supports 12KiB (at $D000) and 16KiB (at $C000) rom files. [Bug #765] Lancaster (Total Replay) hangs when starting second game. [Bug #734] DiskII controller […]

New Apple II Blog

There is now another Apple II blog for fans of this venerable machine to follow. The blog author promises to deliver a new article every day, and since this blog has opened three days ago, and sure enough, there are three entries, this promise is maintained. The name of the blog, fittingly enough, is the […]

JACE Apple ][ Emulator Updated

Brendan Robert has announced a minor bug fix update to the JAVA Apple Computer Emulator or JACE as it is known. The JACE 12-30-12 update includes the following fixes: + Leaving fullscreen mode caused a blue border to appear at the top, shifting the whole display area down.  This has been corrected. + Mouse pointer […]

New Build of JACE Apple ][ Emulator Posted

Brendan Robert has uploaded a new version of his JACE Apple ][ Emulator to the JACE Sourceforge page.   This release is meant to address some issues that were introduced in early versions.  Brendan Robert posted the following notes about the release on the Comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup earlier today: “1) Concurrent modification exceptions have been eradicated when […]