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TimeOut Edit BASIC 5.4 Released

Hugh Hood, Longtime Apple II fan and programmer has announced a new TimeOut series product, TimeOut Edit BASIC 5.4 for Appleworks 5.1 Users TimeOut series products have long been the defacto go-to products for users of Appleworks with its series of timely and useful plugin utilities, designed to make the Appleworks a more complete package. […]

AppleIIWorks Envoy for Mac OS X Announced

By Hugh Hood (CSA2) AppleIIWorks Envoy is a ‘faceless’ application for Mac OS X (10.4.x Tiger through 10.8.x Mountain Lion) with a two-fold purpose. First, it provides for Mac OS X Finder recognition of Apple II AppleWorks Files, presenting both a custom Mac Finder icon as well as a custom ‘Kind’ description for AppleWorks Word […]

Mail Merge It!

by Richard SpitzerII ALive Volume 1 Number 1March / April 1993 After writing a letter or two in AppleWorks’ Word Processor, you’ re then stuck with the problem of addressing the envelopes. It just seems inelegant to use something as archaic as a digital encoding device (also known as a pen) to do it after […]

Operation Database Storm

by Don A. Hoyt II Alive Volume 1 Number 0January/February 1993 Even if thunder rumbles from your database reports thanks to their massive accumulations of accurate facts, your readers may respond with gaping yawns. After all, some people sleep better in a storm. It’s lightning that does the trick. To put lightning into your reports, […]