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Bugs in the Applesauce

As stated elsewhere in this issue, Apple Computer plans a new edition of Applesoft on tape about six weeks hence. They have requested that users advise them as soon as possible of any bugs they have encountered. This goes for Integer Basic, as well. This is a project in which EVERYONE can contribute. LET’S DO […]

Meeting Minutes

A.P.P.L.E. Meeting Minutes

February 1978 MeetingDate: 21 February 1978Time: 7pmLocation: Computerland Federal Way Minutes: We met at Computerland in Federal Way, and Val Golding called us to order at 7:05 PM. A motion was approved to call ourselves A P.P.L.E., standing for Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange. Val was unanimously elected president and Mike Thyng was elected Secretary. […]

Program Submission Guidelines

As we indicated last month, we need your software for our library, in order to make it available to others. You can help cut down on our processing time by observing the following guidelines. All programs should be completely self-prompting. This means all user instructions should be embedded within the program as “print” statements, so […]