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Mr. Fixit Source Released for Apple ][ Prosel

After a request by Willi Kuche, the Apple ][ community came together and managed to come up with two versions of the source code for Glen Bredon’s Mr. Fixit for Prosel 8.  Being as no original source code was available, two people in particular disassembled the program and have posted their respective versions to the […]

Assembly Language Classes

The Assembly Language classes are now scheduled to start June 1 at Empire Electronics. Cost $35 per persorn including Synertek manual. To sign up, call Tom Geer at (206)244-5200 or Don Williams at (206)242-6807. The course includes Number Systems, Boolean Algebra, 6502 Instruction set and Programming. Please follow and like us:

Assembly Language Class

Don Williams will be our instructor for an 18 hour Assembly Language programming course. The cost is $35, which includes the Synertek 6502 Programming manual, and will be taught two nights per week at Empire Electronics, 616 SW 152nd St. , Burien, starting in the early part of May, so time is short. Contact Don […]