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Battlefront – A Review

Strategic Studies GroupRequires 64K AppleAustralian Apple Review June 1987 Nowhere is the expression ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ more apt than when describing wargames. In the days pre-computer, wargaming was not only an art of strategy and tactics on the battlefield, but also around the house where firstly irate parents would threaten to […]

The Fingerprint Plus

Interface Board, Cable, DOS 3.3 disk and manual.Available: Godfrey DeaneTelephone: (058) 21 7325Cost: $208.50 tax paid At its most fundamental, the FingerPrint Plus is a printer interface board. At its most functional, it is a Grappler plus emulator, an Apple Super Serial emulator and a Wildcard emulator, all at the same time. The Fingerprint Plus […]


Editorial Gareth Powell Australian Apple Review Vol 4 No 2 February 1987 PP2 THE NEW Macintosh’s have arrived and we now know that Apple made the right decisions, designed the right machines, are offering the right attractive packages. Almost every review throughout the world’s press has been unreservedly congratulatory. Perhaps now we should add a […]