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New Apple Dealers

We would like to extend a welcome to two new Computerland stores in Bellevue and Tacoma. Tom McConnell. manages the new Bellevue store at 14340 NE 20th, phone (206)746-2070, which opened April 28th and Dennis Griswold is in charge of the Tacoma store at 8700 S. Tacoma Way , scheduled to open May 5th. The […]

Equipment Review: T.I. “Programmer”

The Texas Instruments Programmer is a unique calculator which provides immediate conversions from, and 4-function calculations., Base 8 (Octal), Base 10 (Decimal) and Base  16 (Hexidecimal). It will also manipulate bits in Hex and Octal modes, with One’s and Two’s, compliments, logical and, or, not and exclusive or, as well as shift left and right […]

Original Letter to Potential Members

Apple PugetSound Program Library Exchange C/O Val J. Golding6708 39th Avenue SWSeattle, Wa. 98136(206) 937-6588 (Home)(206) 623-7966 (Office) February 9, 1978 Dear Apple Owner:The purpose of this letter is to form an Apple Computer users group, as indicated by the tentative name above, and to further the exchange of information and programs of interest to […]