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DSKtoPO Converter Updated

Paul Hagstrom has updated his Apple II DSK to Prodos Ord (PO) disk converter. The converter, written entirely in Python, allows users to convert the disks by mapping the sectors in a .dsk (DOS-order, .do) files into those of a .po (ProDOS-order) file. You can download the script from the DSKtoPO Github page at:https://github.com/paulhagstrom/dsk2po

A2_4am’s Passport Updated

The Apple II disk crack/conversion program, Passport, has been updated. The latest release includes the following cracks: NEW: verify pure 13-sector disks (by qkumba) NEW: verify Infocom 18-sector disks (by qkumba) NEW: patchers/artsci.a (AceCalc, Magicalc, Photar) NEW: patchers/choplifter.a (Russki Duck, Choplifter) (by qkumba) NEW: patchers/dakin5.a (Neutrons, MIRV, Rings of Saturn) NEW: patchers/e7everywhere.a (Curious George series, […]