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RetroMacCast Episode 647 Released

In the latest episode of RetroMacCast, episode 647, hosts James Savage and John Leake dive into some exciting eBay finds, including an original LaserWriter, a lot of Macs, and even a rare Newton prototype. The duo also shares some interesting tidbits about Apple mice, with John learning something new. Aside from eBay finds, the show […]

The RetroMacCast Episode 560 — Three Cat Maximum

The 560th episode of the RetroMacCast has been posted to the RetroMacCast website. In this episode, James and John talk about their eBay finds including: MacEffects Mac Portable 8MB card, computer lot, and PowerBook 550c. John also takes the time to talk about a SCSI hard drive replacement, and news includes the Action Retro Libretto Hackintosh, System 7 Today return, Lisa X […]

RetroMacCast Episode 554 Released

The 554th episode of the RetroMacCast has been released. In this episode, James & John discuss their latest eBay Finds including the following:  Mac icons mug, collection of Steve Jobs magazines, and Chiat/Day newspaper congratulations. James also unveils The Macintosh Office, and news includes a tiny all-in-one Macintosh LC, Captain’s Quarters II, and NanoRaptor creations. The RetroMacCast is produced by James […]

RetroMacCast Episode 376 Posted

The RetroMacCast Episode 376 has been posted.  On this episode, James and John discuss a number of Apple related items including their always entertaining eBay finds: Apple poster, mug collection, NIB numeric keypad, and Mission Impossible poster.  John interviews Cory Wiegersma from the 68k MLA, and discusses the Steve Jobs opera, as well as the new Jobs trailer, and its […]

Ebay Buys PayPal

Ebay has purchased the online payment services company PayPal for a reported $1.5 billion USD. The purchase was made using stock swaps based on the July 5, 2002 value of PayPal’s stock and is still subject to the stockholder approval and the regulators. While the acquisition appears to solidify Ebay’s online services, it also presents […]