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The Northern Spy — Forecasting a Year in Technology and …

The Northern Spy

January 2021 The Technology Industry did well in the otherwise annus horribilis of 2020. Remote teaching, learning, business and personal teleconferencing, combined with the need to outfit and/or upgrade home offices meant that sales of computing equipment finished well after a short-lived COVID-induced slowdown. Preliminary indications to the third quarter show that Lenovo, GP, and […]

What’s Really Coming on the 19th of January 2012 from Apple

On January 19th, 2012, Apple Inc. is scheduled to have an education related announcement in the heart of New York City. While many in the world are speculating that apple is trying to “destroy the textbook industry”, We suspect that they are just following up on several lines of thought. First, Texas was the first […]

A Classroom Test Shell

by Don Grout II Alive Volume 1 Number 1March / April 1993 Computer software exists for almost every educational application. There is software for science simulations, math drills, word processing, accounting simulations, history tests, geography, music, art, and foreign languages. But is there something inexpensive (or free) that an ordinary classroom teacher, with minimum computer […]

Number Bases

By Lynne RyderAustralian Apple Review Vol 4 No 3 PP32-33 Another topic which often causes difficulty for students, yet lends itself elegantly to the computer, is number bases. I am including two short programs – the first written by one of my students, Sandi Steeple which generates numbers for bases less than 10, while the […]


by Ted Perry Call-A.P.P.L.E. MagazineJanuary 1980 V03N01 PP35-36 This is a progress report on the project reported upon in the July/August issue of CALL-A.P.P.L,E. As you probably recall from the original article, the Kyde Tyme Project and the CHIP Project arc computer assisted instruction grants funded by Title IV-C to develop computer assisted instruction on […]