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emailler v2.1.13 Released

Bobbi Manners has released the latest update to her emai//er suite for the Apple //e and Apple IIgs computers. The latest release, version 2.1.13 addresses the following issues in the program: * Both SMTP65.SYSTEM and NNTP65UP.SYSTEM parsed the first 20 lines of the message looking for headers, and failed to stop at the first blank line, as they should. […]

Emailler Version 2.1.8 Released

From Bobbi Manners on the CSA2 group on Usenet: I am pleased to announce the release of Emai//er v2.1.8. This is a bugfix release which fixes a little issue in the quoted-printable decoder.  Emai//er is an email and Usenet news suite for the Apple //e or IIgs with Uthernet-II ethernet card.  Download v2.1.8 here: https://github.com/bobbimanners/emailler (Naturally, I am […]

Emailler Apple II Suite 1.0 Released

Apple II Email Suite Bobbi Manners has announced the release of the email//er Apple II Suite version 1.0. The AppleII Email Suite consists of the following six ProDOS programs: POP65.SYSTEM is a Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) client for the Apple II with Uthernet-II card. EMAIL.SYSTEM is a simple user interface for reading and […]