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SpASM 6502 Assembler Updated

The SpASM 6502 Spreadsheet Assembler has been updated. SpASM version 1.2.0 includes a new Linker as part of the Assembler and also includes Error Checking. According the the A2SE posting by Francois Vander Linden , SpASM’s author, “ You can now use the worksheets as code modules. All the assemblies are then automatically linked, ready […]

SpASM 6502 Assembler Updated

Francois Vander Linden has updated his SpASM 6502 Spreadsheet Assembler to version 1.1.2. Included updates from versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 of the SpASM 6502 Assembler include: fixed more bytes count for some opcodes rewrote the byte count detection in order to avoid possible circular references column D is now colored as comments, it’s meant to […]

Assembly Language in Excel

Francois Vander Linden has posted a proof of concept for his Excel Spreadsheet Assembler. As it is still in very rough form, Franco obviously has some hopes for it saying, ” I think it might be useful for some rapid 6502 test routines with an emulator for example.” Some of the features included in the […]