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Apple Announces Winner of $10,000 USD Prize for 25 Billionth Download

Apple has finally announced that a user in China was the winner of the Apple Inc. sponsored prize for downloading the 25 billionth iTunes App.  The user, one Chunli Fu of Qungdao, China downloaded the free Disney app, “Where’s My Water” to push the download mark over the 25 billion mark.  He will receive $10,000 […]

Don’t Download Pinball Arcade — Waste of time unless you like ads and sluggishness

Program: Pinball Arcade Version: 1.0.8 Size: 17.5 MB Language: English Seller: FarSight Studios URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pinball-arcade-free/id497189134?mt=8 After months of being hyped by many in the media, the biggest bust of the year must be Pinball Arcade by Farsight Studios.  I was totally looking forward to playing some of the pinball games from over the years that […]

Apple ][ Game Server and Disk Server Now Available in Mobile form

  Egan Ford, creator and curator of the Apple ][ Game Server and the Apple ][  Disk Server has created mobile versions of the website.  This allows those users with iPhones to use the iOS based device to load their Apple ][ computer with games or disks directly from the Internet. The mobile version of […]

Are there two Apple Events on the schedule now?

Mac お宝(otakara) is now saying that there are two events scheduled by Apple.  The first event which they were saying was for Apple’s iPad 3 announcement apparently has been pushed back to March.  The first event supposedly in February is yet unknown.  Mac お宝 is saying that the event would be “a Strange Event”.   Speculation […]