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A Tale of One City

1994 Kansasfest Report By Jerry Kindall II Alive Volume 2 Number 4 September/October 1994 Many of you are already familiar with the annual conference, held during the third week of July in Kansas City, known popularly as KansasFest. Last year, the company that sponsored the conference was Tom Weishaar’s Resource Central. This year, Resource Central […]

Rumor Monger

II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March / April 1993 Keeping our ear to the ground (and a good supply of cotton swabs on hand), we print only the freshest gossip. And if there’s not enough gossip, we make some up! As always, the Rumormonger reserves the right to be dead wrong. Like those 900 […]

The Online Experience

II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March / April 1993 Modems and telecommunications have a mystique which I can only describe as, well, mysterious. Perhaps it’s the words themselves. “Modem” certainly is a bizarre one, even for a techno-coinage, and “telecommunications,” despite being composed of easily-recognized roots, is a big one. Maybe it’s the fact […]

Shareware Spy

II ALive Volume 1 Number 1March/April 1993 Apple II software may not be plentiful on the retail shelf, but that doesn’t mean there’s no software out there. Recently, GEnie (General Electric’s information service) celebrated its 20,000th Apple II upload. America Online is at 18,000 Apple II files. There are also a number of “servers” on […]

Ask Mr. Tech

Ask Mr. Tech # 3 II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March / April 1993 QUESTION: I’m a member of a local user group. Most of our members own Apple IIGS or lie computers, but I own a Laser 128EX. I’m very happy with this computer with the exception of one minor problem. I am […]

Ask Mr Tech

Ask Mr. Tech # 2 II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March / April 1993 QUESTION: I have a functional Apple II (not II+). I would like to upgrade it to a II+ or a IIe so that it will be more compatible with today’s add-ons. Is this technically feasible? If it isn’t feasible, can […]

Ask Mr. Tech

Ask Mr. Tech # 1 II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March / April 1993 QUESTION; I’m trying to use a genealogical program with earlier Apple models (II+, lie, and lie) using DOS 3.3. In order to adapt this program to the IIGS, the program requires that each disk be processed through an “Advanced Configuration […]

What Mistakes?

II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March / April 1993 Sneak Peek, Page 9: “Drift Dodgers” subhead, fourth paragraph: A page length of 2.1″ does not mean 2 inches and one line (at ‘1/6’ or ‘1/8’ depending on the lines per inch setting) as implied in this article. AppleWorks instead takes your request of 2.1″ […]

Info: II Alive

WHAT ABOUT THE VIDEO? Paid If Alive subscribers will be receiving the II Alive video late in May, 1993. We apologize for the delay; however, we’re sure you’ll agree, once you see it, that it was worth the wait. We decided to add coverage of Apple Expo West, which isn’t until April 23-24, to the […]

II Alive Writers’ Guidelines

GENERAL: II Alive welcomes article submissions from anyone, whether you’re a professional writer or just an ordinary Apple II lover with some tips to share. We don’t reject submissions purely on the basis of typos or grammar – if an article’s content is unique, enthusiastic, creative, or otherwise grabs us by the lapels and screams […]

In The Driver’s Seat

II Alive Volume 1 Number 1 March/April 1993 In April 1993, the Apple II turns sixteen years old (counting from its official 1977 introduction at the West Coast Computer Faire). Talk about your “mature platforms.” But at sixteen, the Apple II is far from dead. In fact, the Apple II is experiencing a renaissance of […]

They’re All Alive

II Alive Volume 1 Number 0January/February 1983 WELCOME to the premiere issue of II Alive, the new publication that celebrates the Apple II. Unlike the articles in certain other supposedly Apple II publications, each and every article in II Alive is about getting more from your computer. The Apple II will always have the spotlight. […]