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ORCA / C 2.2.0 B7 Released

Stephen Heumann and Kelvin Sherlock have just released a new version of ORCA/C, the C compiler for the Apple IIGS, which includes several new language and library features. ORCA/C 2.2.0 B7 is now available for download on GitHub. ORCA/C was originally written for the Apple IIgs by Mike Westerfield of Byteworks, Inc.. He has released […]

Ample 0.253 Released

The latest release of the Ample MAC OS based front end for the MAME emulator has been announced. Version 0.253 brings the interface in line with the latest version of MAME and Includes experimental Uthernet II / WIZnet W5100 emulation. Marinetti, IP65, and A2osX have been tested and should work. Ample is an Apple II series / […]

Ample 0.242 Released

The Ample MAME Apple related interface for MAC OS has been updated. kelvin Sherlock released the latest version of Ample, Version 0.242 to align up with MAME 0.242 as well as to add a few new features to the program including: Software list search has improved of diacritics. Software list search skips over a leading […]

Ample 0.240 Released

Kelvin Sherlock has announced the immediate release of the AMPLE Apple specific front end interface for MAME. This interface runs under Mac OS X version 10.11 and later and provides the user an easy to use interface with all of the Apple I, II and III series computers, Apple II clones, and early Macintosh related […]

Ample 0.238 Released

Kelvin Sherlock has released an update to the Ample MAME interface. Ample is a front end for the MAME emulator which is Apple II series and Macintosh centric. Complete with easy to use customization of the emulation setup, Ample is one of the easiest setups to use. The current version matches the current version of […]