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KFest Registration Now Open

KANSAS CITY, MO — March 30, 2011 — KansasFest, the 22nd annual convention dedicated to the Apple II computer, is now open for registration. Users, programmers, hobbyists, and retrocomputing enthusiasts are invited to Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, from Tuesday, July 19, 2011, through Sunday, July 24, for six days and five nights of […]

Kansasfest Site 2.0

Ken Gagne, owner of Juiced GS Magazine has announced the release of the new and improved Kansas Fest website.  The gathering which brings Apple ][ enthusiasts together from all corners of the earth, is held every july in Kansas City, Missouri. With attendance at around 50 members each year, new items related to Apple ][ […]

II Something Issue # 18

II Something Magazine

:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:Issue # 18:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:a weekly journal devoted to the Apple II family of computersSunday, February 25, 1996 – issue 18 – II.Smthg.960225:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=: :=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:Contents:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=: About… Editor’s Greeting Letters Do It In Software – Spectrum as a BBS Host – part 2 Webfind of the Week – Washington Apple Pi, Ltd. The Wire Service – HyperStudio Journal So […]